Lyonesse Flag


Antiquum assero decus (We Claim Ancient Honor)----

Southeastern North Carolina----
Capital city Estelleton
Largest city Chinquapin
Official language(s) American, High Tider, Lyonian
Official religion(s) Christian Unaffiliated
Short name Lyonesse
Demonym Lyonian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Prince Lothian I
Legislature The Royal Court
- Type - Hereditary
- Number of seats - nine(9)
- Last election - Right of Ascension
Established July 1, 2012
Area claimed 41,438 acres
Population 493
Currency Lyon
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
National sport Tournament/The Joust
National dish Eastern BBQ
National drink Hennessey Cognac
National animal "Banker Horse"
Patron saint Saint Joseph & the Saints John

Lyonesse (pronunciation:Le-ah-ness) is an ancient Island Kingdom which sank into the seas more than 1000 years ago.  The Principality of Lyonesse is the remergence and the reclaiming, by the nine Royal Tribes of Lyonesse, of their families' Ancient Honors and Causes. That, in a phrase is what the Principality of Lyonesse is all about, helping families claim, reclaim, and re-establishing their ancient honors for themselves and their inheritors. For these reasons they have vowed to assist all others attempting to do the same with their lives and Families as a cohesive unit under this Principality and its Laws.


.Lyonesse is a country in Arthurian legend, particularly in the story of Tristan and Iseult. Said to border Cornwall, it is most notable as the home of the hero Tristan, whose father was king. In later traditions Lyonesse is said to have sunk beneath the waves some time after the Tristan stories take place, making it similar to Ys and other lost lands in medieval Celtic tales, and perhapsconnecting it with the Isles of Scilly.

In medieval Arthurian legend, there are no references to the sinking of Lyonesse, for the simple reason that the name originally referred to a still-existing place. Lyonesse is an English alteration of

French Léoneis or Léonois (earlier Loönois), a development of Lodonesia, the Latin name for Lothian in Scotland. Continental writers of Arthurian romances were often puzzled by the internal geography of Great Britain; thus it is that the author French Prose Tristan appears to place Léonois contiguous, by land, to Cornwall. In English adaptations of the French tales, Léonois, now "Lyonesse", becomes a kingdom wholly distinct from Lothian, and closely associated with the Cornish region, though its exact geographical location remained unspecified. The name was not attached to Cornish legends of lost coastal lands until the reign of Elizabeth I of England, however.[1] That said, the legendary lost land between Land's End and Scilly has a distinct Cornish name: Lethowsow. This derives from the Cornish name for the Seven Stones reef, on the reputed site of the lost land's capital and the site of the notorious wreck of the Torrey Canyon. The name translates into English as "the milky ones", from the constant white water surrounding the reef. The legend of a sunken kingdom appears in both Cornish and Breton mythology. In Christian times it came to be viewed as a sort of Cornish Sodom and Gomorrah, an example of divine wrath provoked by unvirtuous living, although the parallels were limited in that Lyonesse remained in Cornish thought very much a mystical and mythical land, comparable to the role of Tir na nÓg in Irish mythology.[citation needed] There is a Breton parallel in the tale of the Cité d'Ys, similarly drowned as a result of its debauchery with a single virtuous survivor escaping on a horse, in this case King Gradlon. The Welsh equivalent to Lyonesse and Ker Ys is Cantre'r Gwaelod, a legendary drowned kingdom in Cardigan Bay. Many noble and royal families in Wales, southern Ireland, Cornwall, and in the Lothians of Scotland claim ties to these great lands. I

The Principality of Lyonesse declared independence as a Sovereign Nation on July 1, 2012 in Estelleton and HRH Lothian I, by the grace of God of Lyonesse, was crowned Prince, of the Lir & Elder Isles, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Realm.

On August 1, 2012, HRH Lothian I, with consent of the Royal Court, laid claim of the Atlantic Ocean Seafloor from the Celtic Shelf and the Isles of Scilly encompassing a region to formerly be the Ancient Lands of the Island Kingdom of Lyonesse also known as Albion in English lore, the Elder Isles, Ys in French myth, Tir na Nog of Irish legend, and even by the Greek writer Plato as Atlantis.

On March 15, 2013, Lyonesse created the Families' and Lands Expansion Initiative which was designed to further emcompass the territorial claims of Lyonesse and expand the current Realm by the adding of noble families and their lands within Lyonesse. This has increased the land mass of Lyonesse greatly. (See map below)

On May 15, 2013, acting upon their claims to the Ancient Island Kingdom of Lyonesse, the Principality of Lyonesse has claimed the Scilly Islands, the Azores, and Antilles for themselves and their people. [1]Ancient Island Kingdom of Lyonesse (The Isles of Scilly)==Government and PoliticsEdit== Lyonesse is an absolute monarchy with heriditary title and vast nobility. 

On June 7, 2016, the Principality of Lyonesse, claimed all those lands once belonging to the now defunct micronation known as the Kingdom of the Carolinas.  This one claim encompassed huge amounts of land now belonging to the States of North Carolina and South Carolina in the United States, primarily those lands along the coastal plains.

The Nine Royal Tribes of Lyonesse, each headed by a Seneschal, titled in dignity and honor by their own right and ennobled by HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse. These Seneschals make up the Royal Court of Lyonesse and its presiding authority. The Royal Court is the highest authority in the land with three lower courts presiding under it to handle judicial precedings, they are: The Court of Commons, which handles issues of a temporal matter. Then, there is the Court of Clergy which handles matters of spiritual reference and God's Law.  Finally, there is the Armorial Court which governs the Armorial Registry and Ascension within the Principality of Lyonesse.  Any decisions made by the lower courts may be appealed to the Royal Court itself.  From time to time, "special appeals" may be heard by the Prince himself but, these are rare and usually handed to the Royal Court for consideration before the Prince hands down his determination. 

Law and Order

The "Garde le Roy" provide for Law & Order within Lyonesse. The Law in Lyonesse is simple and laid out before us by God Almighty.  God said in Deuteronomy Chapter 1, 13-17..."Take you wise men, and understanding, and known among your Tribes, and I will make them Rulers over you.  And ye answered Me, and said, The thing which thou hast spoken is good for us to do. So I took the Chief of your Tribes, wise men, and known, and made them Heads over you, Captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, and captains over fifties, and captains over tens, and officers among your Tribes. And I charged your judges at that time, saying Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge righteously between every man and his brother, and stranger that is with him.  Ye shall not respect the person in judgement; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgement is God's: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring unto Me and I will hear it."

Thus laying the basis for which Lyonesse is governed through God's Law and Lyonesse's Leaders, The Holy Bible and its pages graced within are the guiding posts to govern the great peoples.

Foreign Relations

The Principality of Lyonesse has taken a "guarded" approached toward Diplomatic Relations with all nations. Those relations do not come at the dissolution of those Sovereign Rights under God's Laws as established by HRH Lothian I and the Royal Court of Lyonesse. Royal Consulates are established within micronations where treaties are held and several are already in existance in the United States of America.  Some micronation states merely wish to be recognized by one another and Lyonesse will honor these micronational requests on a case by case basis.  Representatives speaking on behalf of their nations wishing to discuss possible "open" relations with the Principality of Lyonesse may direct their queries to HG George, Duke of Ys, High Chancellor of Lyonesse & Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Current Peace Treaties

Recognized Micronations

Lyonesse Association/Organization Memberships


The Lyonesse Red Guard (A Templar Order) with its five regiments are the current Military arm of Lyonesse.  The 1st Regiment, the "Garde le Roy", is sworn to protect the Royal Families of Lyonesse, as their first duty.  The remaining four regiments make up the branches of the military and is known as "The Gules Lyon". Each Knight is sworn before God to the service of the realm and in the defense of its people by oath. Squires and Laymen serve at the pleasure of their Knight, who in turn are sworn into the service of their individual Lord or Lady. All being sworn and beholding to the Realm and to one another, as one. [2]Lyonesse Red GuardThe Lyonesse Red Guard, being Templars and owing their allegience to God and the Christian Faith protecting those peoples first and foremost; 

  • (1) Will protect any and all people from any force denying them "freedom of Religion", irregardless of their faith or religious practices.
  • (2) Assist any Nation in defense of itself from a foreign aggressor when asked and approved by HRH Lothian I. 
  • (3) When requested, offer at all times an immediate "safe haven" for civilians seeking protection while fleeing from any conflict irregardless of their Faith, religion, or political stance until so Ordered to release them from their vows by the Grand Commander or HRH Lothian I. 

Geography and Climate

Lyonesse's capital region is currently positioned on the northern edge of the Great Angola Bay Swamplands in southeastern North Carolina. The terrain and earth is execellent for farming and producing livestock. Hot moist summers followed by cool marginal winters provide for prime growth of plantlife and development of a variety of swine and poultry products produced in the region. Natural wetlands host a large variety of wildlife and freshwater game fishing. 


Lyonesse is currently a large swine producing nation with ties into poultry (chickens and turkies). Cultivation of a variety of crops complete this region by growing such commodities as corn, soy, sweet potato, cucumber, turnip, collards, and many more. Great lots of sand are plentiful throughout the region as well which aid in construction concrete. The Lyonesse economy increases with each passing day and the adding of more Lands to the Realm.  The Royal Interior Ministry is looking to the possible expansion into the seafood markets in the region and the hunting & game industries as well.


The Principality of Lyonesse uses several levels of currency in its exchanges with other Nations. The "Lyon" is their basic level of bank note equal to one US Dollar. Ten Lyons equals a "Crown". One Hundred Lyons are equal to a "Sovereign". Coinage is currently being designed and made for distribution with the Principality.

National Sport and Atheletics

The National Sport of Lyonesse is "The Tournament".  The Tournament consists of four events; The Joust, The Sword, Archery on Foot, Archery on Horseback.  The Tournament Champions are always determined from the Joust. The Lyonesse World Championship is held on July 1st each year in celebration of Lyonesse Independence Day, where any Knight from any Lands may enter.  Other Tournaments are held throughout the year to narrow the field for the World Championship.


The media outlets in Lyonesse all enjoy great freedoms in the expression of ideas but, they do not have absolute "freedom of the press".  All media is dispursed with approval of the Ministry of Public Information.

Royal Seneschals of Lyonesse

Tribe of Lyonesse(Pargetta)..................HRH Mark, Duke of Pargetta / Prince Apparent

Tribe of Armorique(M)…………………....HRH Danielle, Princess Heir / Duchess

Tribe of Ys………………………………...HG George, Duke

Tribe of Galice………………………….…HG Holden, Duke

Tribe of Pomperol(M)………………….....HSH Jacqueline, Duchess / Prince Mother

Tribe of Dahaut……………………....…...HG George, Duke

Tribe of Mausheld……………………......HG Sidney, Duke

Tribe of Whenah……………………….....HG Samuel, Duke

Tribe of Salay………………………..…....HG Reynold, Duke

Honorary Titles

HRH Lothian I has received an honorary Title of "Lord" in the Kingdom of New Aragos.

HRH Lothian I has received the honorary Title of "Sovereign of the Sound" from the Outer Banks Society.

Lyonesse Families and Lands Expansion Initiative

The Principality of Lyonesse, by Royal Decree from HRH Lothian I, has created this new Initiative for the expansion of territorial boundries of Lyonesse and for the ultimate "lands security" of Lyonesse as a sovereign authority in the area which they have claimed. Surrounding area families and their individual lands are being secured for citizenship and annexation thus, creating more nobility and lands within the Principality.

Family Patriarchs are sought out by Lord Rex Reynold, Earl of Salay, Lord Minister of the Interior, for these purposes of gaining citizenship toward the Principality, thereby, gaining those lands under the new Initiative.  These Patriarchs are screened and recommended to the Royal Court for review and ultimate acceptance under the Title and Authority of HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse. These Patriarchs are then issued a Grants of Arms and Grants of Citizenship by the Armorial Ministry Office. Once citizenship is established their lands are reissued to them through a Royal Land Grant thus creating new Nobilty for the Principality.  Special ceremonies are then held for these ennobled Lords under Royal Decree.

As can be seen by the 1st Expansion, Lands adjacent to the Principality of Lyonesse were first brought into the Realm on March 16/17, 2013. These families within those borders gained citizenship and several noble titles were bestowed on those Seneschals. The lands were decreed back to those Nobles through Royal Land Grants from HRH Lothian I. Also a 2nd expansion was made, late on March 17.2013, Lady Margaret Henderson paid homage to the Royal Court of Lyonesse and was Raise & Styled, Countess of Pinhook and Baroness Henderson, for her citizenship and gifts to the Realm by HRH Tammy Princess of Lyonesse, beloved cousin.

By the end of March 2013, with the 3rd and 4th expansions, the Principality of Lyonesse has become a vastly growing state. The Murphy and Farrior Royal Land Grants were a major part of these expansions in late March and the Royal Court has honored them so.

In early April, all Lands of the Great Angola Bay Swamp reserve were transferred under the control of the Principality of Lyonesse with the promise of maintaining its natural habitats and wetlands again greatly expanding the Principality's borders to the Atlantic Ocean and its lands on Top Sail Island.

On April 12, 2013 two noble houses were entered into the Principlality of Lyonesse by request and approval of the Royal Court and HRH Lothian I, furthering and connecting all existing Lyonesse Lands in the Principality.

On May 8, 2013, the marshlands of the Northeast Cape Fear River basin were added to the earldom of Salay as they were discovered to be a portion of the Great Angolo Bay Swampland Reserves, under Lyonian proptection and care.

On August 1, 2013, the Principality of Lyonesse adjusted their claims to their lands in the Carolinas to its current borders as seen in this map.  This was done in the interest of possible new micronational claims and for the future of Micronationalism as a whole. Lyonesse also adjusted their Atlantic claims as well. [3]Lyonesse Land Claims==External linksEdit==

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