Lyonesse Families and Lands Expansion Initiative

On March 15, 2013 (The Ides of March) the Principality of Lyonesse, by Royal Decree from HRH Lothian, Prince of Lyonesse, has [1]created this new Initiative for the expansion of territorial boundries of Lyonesse and for the ultimate "lands security" of Lyonesse as a Sovereign Authority in the areas which they have claimed. Surrounding area Families and their individual lands are being secured for citizenship and annexation thus, creating more nobility and lands within the Principality.

Family Patriarchs are sought out by HG Reynold, Duke of Salay, Lord Minister of the Interior, for these purposes of gaining citizenship toward the Principality, thereby, gaining those lands under the new Initiative.  These Patriarchs are screened and recommended to the Royal Court for review and ultimate acceptance under the Title and Authority of HRH Lothian, Prince of Lyonesse. These Patriarchs are then issued Grants of Arms and Grants of Citizenship by the Armorial Court Offices. Once citizenship is established their lands are reissued to them through a Royal Land Grant thus creating new Nobilty for the Principality and expanding its territorial mass.  Special ceremonies are then held for these ennobled Lords and Ladies under Royal Decree.