The Duchy de Pomperol was created by HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse, in January 2012. As in the Tewdwr Family traditions and upon his mother's request, HRH Lothian I made this a "matriarchal Title" to be handed down from mother to daughter or next in line female heiress and assume the Royal Tribal of Pomperol of House Tewdwr/Tudor.

HSH Jacqueline, Duchess of Pomperol, Prince Mother

Born Dorothy Jacqueline Mills ap Tewdwr in 1937, HSH Jacqueline was named Heiress Apparent through her grandmother, Mary Eva Tudor, in 1979, unofficially then, officially recognized as such upon the remergence of the Principality of Lyonesse, through her son, HRH Lothian I Prince of Lyonesse in 2012.  HSH Jacqueline named Lady June Leigh Smith-Bowles, Heiress Apparent of Pomperol and was elevated to the Count of Gargano by HRH Lothian I.