The Duchy de Pargetta was created for the "Prince Apparent of Lyonesse", the direct Heir to the Throne of Lyonesse. The current Prince Apparent and Duke is HRH Mark, first born son of HRH Lothian I, Prince of Lyonesse. The Duchy de Pargetta serves as the representative for the Royal Tribe of Lyonesse within the Royal Court and its Royal Heirs.

HRH Mark, Prince Apparent and Duke of Pargetta

HRH Mark, was born Mark Thomas Lane II in February 1982 to HRH Lothian I when married to his first wife, Lady Denise Ann Bevin Hill. Lady Denise and the Prince of Lyonesse had divorced many years before His Royal Highness' Ascension to the Throne of Lyonesse but, on goodly terms. When HRH Mark ascends to the Throne of Lyonesse, this Duchy will be merged into the Crown until such time as another Prince/Princess Apparent is so coronated, at which time he/she shall be so Titled as Duke/Duchess of Pargetta.

HRH Katherine, Duchess of Pargetta

Born Katherine Grace Lanier (Gracie to friends) to the most Noble Tribe of Lanier and daughter of its Seneschal, His Excellency Jeffrey and Lady Mary, Earldom of Ile de Tark.  HRH Mark, Duke of Pargetta and Katherine were married April 2, 2016 at a private ceremony in Estelleton in the presence of Almighty God and Family.

HRH Raegan Grace

On May 18, 2017 at 0829 pm (EST), Raegan Grace Lane, was born into the Royal Tribe of Lyonesse, to Their Graces Mark and Katherine, Duke and Duchess of Pargetta.

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