Citizens of Lyonesse maintain dual citizenship with the Principality of Lyonesse and the country of origin from wince they came..  As it is not in the nature of Lyonians to seek nor promote "revolution" to those other countries nor its government or peoples, they happily except what the Principality of Lyonesse stands for and has attempted to accomplish by its sovereign stance in the World.

Becoming a Citizen of Lyonesse

Becoming a citizen of the Sovereign Principality of Lyonesse is relatively easy. A simple email sent to will begin the process.

The Oath of Citizenship

The citizenry of Lyonesse are required to give an Oath of Fielty to Lyonesse, its Prince, and its People.  It goes as follows:

  • Upon my solemn Honor as a man/woman and before Almighty God, I swear my fielty to the Sovereign Principality of Lyonesse, to its ruling Prince and Royal Family, and to the People and Families of Lyonesse, that I will be most truly and faithful to the same.  For upon my Honor and with my blood, if need be, I will defend myself, my Family, and the Lyonian People from tyrrany, injustice, and shame if thrown upon us.  I will not cause nor bring shame, injustice, nor tyrrany to myself, my Family, or the Families of Lyonesse neither by my actions nor my inactions as a coward.  This is my word and as my word is my bond and what God has witnessed, no man can question.  Rise a Lord/Lady of Lyonesse and be forever welcome.